The year is 1127, the era of Isen & Dinar Them. Danger plagues the world at every turn, the whims of gods can shape civilizations in an instant. Gods can fall and rise to power like any mortal power, and one man from beyond this time seeks to change the course of history. A powerful ritual, powered by the blood and death of hundreds, was created to send himself back in time 9000 years. He did not anticipate to pull anyone back with him.

Two groups of adventurers, now stuck in a land unfamiliar to them, will have to use their wits and strengths to stand a chance in this harsh world. Enemies or allies may come in go, but while in this time they will always be under Basilis’ shadow.


Lyris | Alea | Nyssa | Delve | Merus | Gaurmorne

City of Perwich, 6th of Neris


Readam | Adaka | Toska | Lucy | Irren |Eilwen

Avrath Mountains, 27th of Avanis

There are always two sides to war, and every villain is their own hero. To say that those that oppose you are inherently evil to to misunderstand the grounds on which war is founded. Under Basilis’ wing are a group of young initiates that were swept away from their past lives after varying circumstances. Sent on a series of specialized missions, the group finds themselves further and further from the watchful eye of the cult. Their destiny soon comes to be in no one’s hands but their own.


Lenny | Belle | Eldrazi (not pictured) | Kithra

The Islands of Ys are lawless, where only those willing to get their hands dirty survive. Every day is filled with threats of different kinds, from mer to a failing economy. Cities struggle to keep afloat, yet the Golden Griffins don’t tie themselves to one island. They navigate the seas with only their trusty, yet rather rundown, ship and the company of each other.

Accepting a job from a stranger sets a series of events in motion that none of them could ever have foreseen. A string of violent murders, a booming mer population, and the collapse of cities are all on these pirates’ hands. They need to learn soon that not all is fun and games in a land without order.


Joana “The Jay” | Romeus | Skylar “Shakes” | Elinoire

Island of Asr, 21st of Avanis